1. Check your builders track record, speak to past customers and go and see examples of their work
  2. Make sure you obtain a quote from your builder before the work starts, this should be a fixed quote and not an estimate!
  3. Make sure you have a contract with your builder: this helps if things go wrong.
  4. Look out for accreditation’s such as the federation of master builders (FMB.org.uk).
  5. If you are undertaking structural work look out for builders with insurance backed guarantees.
  6. Make sure that your builder is using the appropriate qualified specialists to install gas works and electrical installations. Upon completion of the work make sure that you get copies of the gas and electrical installation certificates.
  7. Don’t necessarily go for the cheapest quote, the old adage if often true – you get what you pay for.
  8. Don’t pay for any work in advance
  9. Check that your builder has adequate insurance cover.

Townscape Architects will help you appoint the right builder for your project.

We work with many trusted builders on a regular basis.

We will tender the project to ensure you get the best builder for the right price as well as set up the necessary contracts and visit site regularly to check that the builder has following the approved plans and specifications.

Builders can be a nightmare, but with us guiding you through, you have nothing to be frightened of. Click here to have a chat with one of our Qualified Architects who will              “de-mystify” the dark art of builders with you!

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