Our clients are telling us that they want great ideas and great designs from their architect!

From that great feedback we have created the “Top Townscape Tips”

  1. Go open plan – If your planning on maximising space then removing walls might be a better option than extending. Open plan rooms’ use every last inch to their full effect, the space flows more freely and multiple functions can occur in one big space.  Family rooms are great social spaces and encompass areas for cooking, eating, socialising and relaxing.
  1. Pocket sliding doors – A clever way to divide internal space and to allow flexibility is to incorporate pocket sliding doors, they slide into a cavity within an internal wall and when open are completely invisible. When you want to close spaces off the doors magically slide smoothly into position.
  1. Under floor heating – Avoid cluttering up walls with radiators and install under floor heating. It comes in a variety of formats and can usually be coupled up to an existing boiler.  It can be installed into new or existing floors with minimal disruption.  Electric under floor heating is more expensive to run and is best suited to small rooms like bathrooms.
  1. Super insulation and renewables – By increasing the amount of insulation in your home you will reduce your energy use from the outset. If your budget allows you can then add renewable energy sources like solar panels or ground source heat pumps.
  1. Flooring – Use flooring creatively to link spaces together. By using consistent floor coverings from the existing house, running through the extension and into the garden creates a wonderful flow.  Sometimes using contrasting floor coverings or alternating the direction of flooring can help define functions within an open plan space.
  1. Lighting – Often overlooked but one of the most important elements to get right. Lighting creates a dramatic effect and can change the mood and feel of a space. In an open plan space you should consider how that space will be used at certain times of the day, a functional space, an entertaining space and a relaxing space – the lighting needs to be adaptable to tick all the boxes.

Our clients’ rank their main initial priority to retain an architect who understands, solves and then delivers the architectural designs and completed builds that you want.

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