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Creative & Elevated Interior Design In York & North Yorkshire

With an innate sense of style and an esteemed creative vision, our interior designer in York will transform working and living spaces into stunning, sophisticated, and functional spaces elevated to suit you and the mood you wish to evoke.



Transformative interior designers and interior architects in North Yorkshire

We create the perfect space for your taste, with interiors designed to be functional and appropriate to your home (or business), personality, and lifestyle. What sets us apart is that we have both interior architects and interior designers who can work together, creating a fluid and connected design process. The result is a unique, personalised living space that considers and combines interior architecture with interior design.

We understand. Solve. Deliver.


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Yorkshire-leading interior designer

Our highly qualified BSc Hons Architectural Technologist and Interior Designer, Catherine, is a talented, creative interior design consultant with an innate sense of style. A North Yorkshire-based interior designer with an intuitive eye for colour schemes and meticulous attention to detail, she brings a unique transformation to every project. Valuing the importance of seamlessly blending interior design with architectural design, our interior designer creates sophisticated interiors using subtle, carefully considered features, colours, lighting and furnishings to evoke life within your interior space whilst elevating architectural features.

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Bring your interior design to life

Following an 8-step process, Catherine and our Interior Design Team guarantee a thorough, client-focused approach. From initial ideas and design options to 3D visualisations and fine-tuning details, we work closely with you to create authentic living spaces that exceed your expectations. Your elevated living space is within reach, and we’re here to make it a reality and transform your interiors into stunning and functional environments.

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Our interior design process

  • Step 1: We Understand

    To understand, we talk. We listen. We learn about you, your likes and needs. Discussing ideas, styles, colours, materials, and moods for each room. Next come ideas, colour concepts and design options. We create initial mood boards for each room to give you a visual sense of the style and consider furniture styles, how the rooms flow, colours, and special features like accent walls and finishes. Together, we meet, review and choose the best concepts to match your vision.

  • Step 2: We Solve

    To bring your ideas to life, we have to solve every problem. Once we have a design direction, we tune the ideas into a plan. Our interior designers work closely with our interior architects to overcome any light or space issues and make sure everything fits together perfectly, from room arrangements to materials. We create 3D designs for a virtual look inside your room. Then, we meet again to show you the 3D design and plans and make alterations before the final stage.

  • Step 3: We Deliver

    To deliver your interior design, we refine your concept along with colours, fixtures, and all the little details that make a big difference. Guiding your through the selection of materials, colours, finishes, and textures that align with your design goals. Our service includes research, sourcing, and presentation of these. Finally, we create detailed and exact drawings. These include plans and specifications for walls, floors, and ceiling finishes. These drawings make sure the design comes to life just as you imagined.

  • Interior Design Redefined

    From initial ideas and design options to 3D visualisations and fine-tuning details, we work closely with you to create outstanding living spaces that go beyond your expectations. A living space or working space that evokes the right tone and response. An 8-step process fulfilled within 3 key focus steps to guarantee a thorough and client-focused approach.

Innovative turnkey interior designers in North Yorkshire & Leeds

Our esteemed high-end interior designer refines and completes life-changing living spaces. Our interior design services complement our architectural services but also act as a stand-alone service. Catherine will advise, research and curate on furniture and decor to help you choose furniture pieces, lighting, accessories, and decor items that complement your space. This includes colour consultancy, custom furniture, built-ins, or other unique personalised elements. In addition, should you need it, we can offer complete project management to coordinate contractors, oversee construction, and manage timelines to complete your property transformation.

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Why choose us?

  • Creative Ideas

    We pride ourselves on our creativity, attention to detail and our ability to think ‘outside the box’.

  • Professional

    Trust us to provide you with a professional, smooth and efficient project from start to finish.

  • Experienced

    Our experienced team have expertise in all areas required to help deliver the perfect project.

  • Sustainability

    Our passion is to create efficient buildings designed to the highest environmental standards.

  • Understanding

    We listen to your ideas and learn about your requirements. Together we make a plan.

  • Problem Solvers

    We give answers and solutions to your problems to help you achieve the project you desire.

  • We Deliver

    Your project is in save hands with us and we always deliver on time and on budget.

  • Award Winning

    As award-winning designers, we pride ourselves on our work and the results show.

Townscape interior designer FAQs

  • What is included in your standard interior design services?

    Our interior design can be customised to suit your brief and includes all the element agreed at the initial consultation. Your service will include agreed ongoing consultations with our qualified interior designer, and a set of your finalised drawings and 3D designs. We will also research and curate your furniture and decor recommendations, including; lighting, built-in furniture, accessories, and decor items that complement your design.

    Revisions After Design Completion: Any design changes requested after the finalization of the project design may be subject to additional fees

  • Is project management included in your interior design service?

    While our standard fee covers project design services, project management, such as coordinating contractors, overseeing construction, and managing timelines, is a separate service with an hourly fee charged. This is something we can customise to you upon enquire.


  • Do you purchase our chosen interior design furniture and artifacts?

    Purchasing and procurement costs, such as furniture, materials, and decor items, are not included in our standard service. We provide guidance and research, but you handle the actual purchase directly.

  • Do you cover the costs of contractors and third parties?

    We have a wide-ranging network of experienced and skilled contractors, engineers and suppliers who we can recommend and utilise their expertise during your project. However, third-party services provided by outside professionals (e.g., structural engineers, contractors, etc.) are not covered and will be billed independently.

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