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Leaders in eco architecture, Passivhaus design and sustainable construction concepts across Yorkshire.

Eco Architects Focused On Green Property Design & Innovation

Where we work, live, and play should work in harmony with the environment, which is why our eco architects in Yorkshire focus on design-led sustainable property design for homes and businesses across the UK using Passivhaus principles.

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Green Home & Green Business Architects

Make a positive environmental impact starting with sustainable design that underpins your projects to reduce your carbon footprint. Property design focusing on healthy, naturally efficient buildings that go beyond just low carbon materials and clever technology. A green home or green business follows architectural fundamental principles of mass, orientation and ventilation.

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Passive House Design And Eco-House Concepts

Passive house design uses natural resources instead of conventional heating to maximise energy savings. This involves combining solar or renewable energies, internal heat sources, recovery and passive cooling techniques, and even strategic shading to manage the climate. Sustainable products, modern construction, and renewable technologies are also used to make the structure more environmentally friendly. We can provide virtual modelling and detailed lifecycle analysis to incorporate green building performance into your design, ensuring that you have access to the latest, trusted, and sustainable design and construction concepts for your property.

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Green Architects In Yorkshire That Fuse Luxury With Sustainability

An Eco-home bears interconnected benefits: lower energy bills, fresh air, premium internal comfort and tranquil interiors; we can even help you with an eco-optimised interior design. Primarily, we listen to you and follow your brief to deliver optimised space orientation, excellent insulation and the latest green architectural concepts combined with luxury living. Green architectural design that reduces energy consumption, emerging through exquisitely executed homes and properties.

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Bringing Passivhaus Architectural Design To Yorkshire Businesses

Businesses in the 21st Century have a responsibility to face the future with a lower environmental impact. Sustainable property design should showcase beautiful, high-quality buildings with lower long-term running costs and improved energy efficiency. We design aspirational structures that are affordable spaces designed for their purpose, whatever their style.

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Sustainable Architectural Eco-Design & Build Services In Yorkshire

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Green Architecture FAQ

  • Whats is passive architecture?

    Passive house design, or Passivhaus, is a building design approach that adheres to stringent energy-efficient standards. These buildings are constructed, insulated, and ventilated to an exceptional level, enabling them to maintain a nearly constant temperature. Passive houses are designed in such a way that they can retain heat from both the sun and the activities of the occupants. As a result, they require very little additional heating or cooling.

  • What are the main elements of passive house design?

    There are five main elements considered in passive house design, and also any eco-architectural design:

    1. Exceptional insulation.
    2. Heat control and optimised windows.
    3. Airtight and sustainable construction.
    4. Heat recovery ventilation and air flow.
    5. Thermal design.


  • What are the eco-architect services you provide?

    Architects charge for their work in various ways, such as a percentage fee based on the cost of building, a fixed lump sum, or hourly rates. At Townscape, we personalize our fees to suit your requirements and the project’s nature. As a result, our fees are affordable, ensuring you know precisely what you’re paying for and how much it costs. We aim to ensure that the value we add and the possible savings we make for you make us the best investment you’ll ever make.

  • How does planning permission work with my eco-project?

    Every project is different, and we can help advise you on your scale, development and location. Whether your project is eco-focused or not, local authorities in England charge the same for planning applications. Working with an architect will help you ensure a smooth process and positive outcome. Further information about planning permission in Yorkshire can be found here.

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