Townscape Architects – your residential partner

Townscape Architects is a RIBA chartered practice with offices in Harrogate and York. We specialise in designing life changing homes, which includes bespoke new build houses as well as property transformations such as full house refurbishments, extensions and conversions.


You have a dream that you want realised, or a space you want utilised.

For you, working with an architect might be a new and daunting experience, or it might be something you have done before. Either way, choosing the right architect is an important decision. Not all architects are the same. We want you to make the right choice. We want you to be able to say you are pleased to have chosen Townscape.

You might be looking for the wow factor; or a sympathetic restoration; a cosy re-design of living space; or a sleek-lined modernisation. You have a dream that you want realised, or a space you want utilised.

You might have questions about planning permission, space utilisation, construction budgets, timescales, design factors. Those questions all need answering. Later on, building regulations, tenders for work, on-site project management all must be taken care of. We do all that for you.



Townscape Architects is an award-winning team of six architects and technologists. We have a broad range of skills that cover all aspects of practice from inception to completion. We have a collaborative approach to design. As a team we draw on our individual skills in technical detailing, conservation practice, project management and sustainable design to produce architecture that is well considered, buildable and deliverable.

We are big enough to cope, and small enough to care.


The Start of a Journey…..

At Townscape we promise to be at your side throughout every step of your project. We like to keep things straightforward and this is a typical plan of how we work with you:

Townscape Viability Appraisal TM


We can help from the earliest stages of a project, even before the property is purchased. We will find out all about your aspirations for the project, your likes and dislikes, your wish list of requirements. We will discuss this with you at the project outset; all of this information is compiled into a project brief.​


Once we understand your requirements we will initiate an intense creative design process. A series of ideas, sketches and images will be prepared to show how your home may be designed or transformed. We will then meet with you to review and discuss the various layouts in further detail.​


A viability report will be prepared to​ provide you with high level project information such as an indication of build costs, site constraints, planning constraints and an indicative programme for the works. This report will assist you in deciding which of the sketch options is most appropriate for you.​

Planning Stage


When the feasibility study is complete we will work with you to​ develop a preferred option in further​ detail. During this part of the process​ you will see the designs of your new​ home starting to take shape. We will meet with you regularly to discuss and develop the design until a final​ plan is agreed.​


Using the latest software we are able​ to build a computer generated 3D model of your new home. By using virtual reality and a set of 3D glasses you will be able to take a virtual tour of your new home. This means​ that the design is fully understood and developed before construction begins​


The planning system can be a minefield.​ To ensure the best chance of success we use our knowledge, expertise and pro active approach to manage the​ planning process on your behalf. We​ will monitor the application and keep a​ close eye on progress until a decision is​ made.

Construction Stages


This involves preparing technical​ drawings and specifications that​ a builder will need to accurately price a​ project and to build from. There is a lot​ to consider but there is no need to worry​ as we will guide you through all of the​ options, from fixtures and fittings, windows​ and doors through to the finishing touches​.


Choosing the right contractor for the​ project is essential. We will tender the project to obtain competitive​ quotes on your behalf. When the quotes are received we will assist​ you in selecting the best builder for the project. We will then set up the necessary building contracts; construction can then commence.​


We will be at your side at every step through to completion. We will carry out site inspections to check that the work is carried out properly, certify payments to the contractor, and deal with the builder on your behalf. Even​ when the project is complete we will be​ on hand to deal with any problems that​ arise.​




It is our Vision for Townscape Architects to be recognised and respected as the design leader in the north of England, valued for our rigorous application of design creativity and admired for our passion, professionalism and contribution to the built environment.


It is our Mission to be the best investment our clients can make, by understanding their needs and delivering for them high quality building solutions, using best practice methodology to push design boundaries in both the commercial and the residential sectors.


  • We are passionate about design, and seek to push design boundaries whenever we can
  • We are proud of our chartered status, and epitomise it in everything we do
  • We understand, we solve and we deliver for our clients, and for each other
  • The first thing we build is a relationship


In 2013 Townscape won 2 prestigious local awards for its work; The Northern Design Awards and The Leeds Architecture Awards for the best conserved building. The judges praised a “very fine piece of restoration which deserves top marks for conservation.

In 2018 we were highly commended in the Northern Design Awards and in 2019 Harlequin House was entered into the York Design Awards.

RIBA Chartered Practice

We are a RIBA Chartered Practice and we are ARB registered. This means we adhere to the highest professional standards, so you can be sure that:

  • All architectural work is under the personal supervision of an RIBA Chartered Architect;
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance cover is in place which satisfies the Architects;Registration Board
  • A Quality Management System is operational;
  • An appropriate Health & Safety Policy is operational;
  • A written Environmental Management Policy in place;
  • A return is made for the annual RIBA Business Benchmarking Survey;
  • A management system is in place to ensure adherence to the RIBA Code of Professional Conduct.

Townscape are leading the way in eco residential design.

With a passion for creating super efficient housing designed to highest of environmental standards. From improving existing housing, to top of the range new build’s built to Passiv Haus standards, Townscape have the experience and expertise in house to deliver the projects from concept to completion. We work with trusted partners and contractors to deliver turn key packages to our clients.

Contact us to find out more or visit our blog for further details of Passiv Haus design;

Nick Silcock – Company Founder

Architecture. Is it a science? Is it an art?

Truly great architecture reflects the value you place on things. It captures the feelings you want and meets the needs you have. It is a blend of science and art: designed to inspire, to calm, to function. It is a uniquely human perspective on the built environment that appeals to our senses and can unite or divide us. Architecture is the physical representation and interpretation of emotion; the practical application of design principles; the way in which we structure the space around us. Done well, architecture is beyond description, triggering reactions from our deeper feelings on an almost subconscious level, whilst also presenting us with a practical realisation of our physical requirements. It draws on our past, it symbolises our present, it provides a legacy for future generations.

I think I have always felt that way. I remember building dens as a kid, getting adventurous and muddy in equal measure as I tried to be more and more inventive. I loved art. Even now, the smell of poster paint or powder water colour takes me right back to my primary school days: an apron (really an old shirt on backwards), a brush and a pot of water beside me (allegedly non-spill, but we knew different), a sheet of paper in front of me, and an imagination full of ideas. Later, it was model building, with the added discipline of now following instructions. I pored over the detailed plans and took painstaking care to paint and assemble each piece accurately.

Then, at school, I had a week work experience with a local architect. That was it. I discovered that people got paid for having ideas and drawing up plans as a profession. I knew then, and I still know now. Architecture was for me. I was going to be, and always will be, an architect.

So here I am, a Chartered RIBA architect, and in 2007 I founded Townscape architects, a RIBA chartered practice. We have offices in Yorkshire: one in the beautifully architectural spa town of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, and another in the vibrant and commercial city of Leeds, West Yorkshire. From these bases we travel the north of England serving our residential and commercial clients. We are large enough to take on multi-million pound projects, and make sure that each one has a dedicated project manager, and still small enough so I can be personally involved in each project.

That way, I know that as a client you get the best possible attention to detail; you get the most attentive of customer care; and you get the innovative high quality architectural solutions that you are looking for.

We have a strong portfolio of successfully completed projects ranging in construction value from £10k to in excess of £4million. This includes small extensions, listed building restorations, new builds and commercial developments.

Whatever size your project, I give you my personal guarantee that the passion and rigour I developed as a boy, and the highest standards of professionalism and effectiveness that are embodied within our chartered status, will be present in every aspect of our work for you.