Townscape Architects – your commercial partner

Townscape Architects is a RIBA chartered practice with offices in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and Leeds, West Yorkshire. Our team works with trusted partners to deliver innovative architectural solutions for a range of residential and commercial clients.

Every aspect of your architecture requirements can be handled by our team. You do not need to worry about planning departments, building regulations or health and safety. We will sort it all for you.

You do not need to worry about structural alterations, ground conditions, building services or space planning. We have experts for that. You can let us manage for you all sub-contractors, engineers and builders. On a commercial architects project, we work with anyone else you may have appointed and will provide as much or as little input as you require.

From day one we can advise and add value through feasibility studies, budget forecasts and viability assessments. You get our experience from previous projects. You get the service standards and control processes of a chartered practice. We want to be the first name for architectural services in the North of England, so we asked our clients in Yorkshire what sets us apart as chartered architects. They said:

“customer satisfaction is of prime importance”
“care and attention to detail”
“to be kept informed”
“a smooth process”
“efficient and professional, with great results”

From all your feedback we have learned that your priority is for an architect to understand, solve and then deliver the architectural designs and completed build projects you want. That’s what we do for you. Understand, solve, deliver.


As a commercial client you want a safe pair of hands. Every project is different and you want an architect who has the right experience. You might want innovative designs; you might need creative solutions.

The design on the plan must work on the ground, and rarely does a project begin with a clean sheet of paper. Existing pre-conditions and constraints can complicate a project before it has begun: waste disposal, listed building status, planning law, conservation needs, time schedules. You want every angle covered.

So when you have quality assured, expertly developed architectural plans that are affordable, deliverable, and fit-for-purpose, you know your project has gone well. You know when you have worked with Townscape.


The first thing you get from Townscape is a dedicated project manager. It is “who-you-see-is-who-you-get”.

To truly understand your project and everything you need, you need someone you can trust; someone who has been on site with you; someone you can relate to, always pick up the phone to, someone you know understands what your brief is all about.

You want a partner to rely on. We understand.


Commercial projects can be complex projects. Your Townscape project manager will lead a bespoke team of experts, specifically brought together to focus on your requirements.

We solve problems before they become your problems. Effective communication and clarity of purpose mean you can be confident that everyone involved has a clear picture of what is needed. Real alternatives and all options are explored.

Then what you get from Townscape are design solutions that work.


You want it on time. You want it right. You want all your boxes ticked. We get that, and we make sure that is what you get. And we want to deliver more for you. When you know the designs are better than you imagined; when you have working relationships and partnerships that are stronger than you thought possible; when you have seen innovation and creativity at every stage of your project; that’s when we know we have delivered for you.

“You know when you have worked with Townscape”.



It is our Vision for Townscape Architects to be recognised and respected as the design leader in the north of England, valued for our rigorous application of design creativity and admired for our passion, professionalism and contribution to the built environment.


It is our Mission to be the best investment our clients can make, by understanding their needs and delivering for them high quality building solutions, using best practice methodology to push design boundaries in both the commercial and the residential sectors.


  • We are passionate about design, and seek to push design boundaries whenever we can
  • We are proud of our chartered status, and epitomise it in everything we do
  • We understand, we solve and we deliver for our clients, and for each other
  • The first thing we build is a relationship

In 2013 Townscape won 2 prestigious local awards for its work; The Northern Design Awards and The Leeds Architecture Awards for the best conserved building. The judges praised a “very fine piece of restoration which deserves top marks for conservation.

We are a RIBA Chartered Practice and we are ARB registered. This means we adhere to the highest professional standards, so you can be sure that:

  • All architectural work is under the personal supervision of an RIBA Chartered Architect;
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance cover is in place which satisfies the Architects;Registration Board
  • A Quality Management System is operational;
  • An appropriate Health & Safety Policy is operational;
  • A written Environmental Management Policy in place;
  • A return is made for the annual RIBA Business Benchmarking Survey;
  • A management system is in place to ensure adherence to the RIBA Code of Professional Conduct.

Building a Commercial Reputation

Being an architect is important to me. Like most children, in Primary School I loved to draw, paint and build models. The urge to create and design has stayed with me. Then at Secondary School, thanks to a work placement with a local architect, I decided that architecture was for me. Later, as I worked and trained through University and beyond, the true ambition – the master plan, if you like – was realised. I knew that simply being an architect was not enough. I wanted to have a reputation that was well-earned. I wanted to be respected for the work I did and the way in which I worked with clients. I wanted you as a client to refer to me as ‘your’ architect, not just ‘an’ architect. I wanted to be unmatched in the service you received and the value you gained.

I have always believed that you should dream big, plan meticulously, and work passionately. Always be flexible, always be creative. And always deliver on your promises.

So that is what I set up Townscape Architects to do. We are a RIBA chartered practice, and we are proud to adhere to the rigorous standards that requires. We have offices in Yorkshire: one in the beautifully architectural spa town of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, and another in the vibrant and commercial city of Leeds, West Yorkshire. From these bases we travel the north of England serving our residential and commercial clients. Our commercial projects vary in size from around £100k to c.£10m. Each one has a dedicated project manager, and our size means that I can be personally oversee each project.

As your commercial partner we want you to know that all the standards and assurances you would expect are in place. All architectural work is under the personal supervision of an RIBA Chartered Architect, and our management, control and safety processes are some of the most rigorous in the industry.

Truly great architecture does not simply contribute to the landscape, it becomes the landscape. In a commercial environment design and function must sit seamlessly together. As our commercial client you want the practical application of design principles; you want architectural solutions that are on brief, on budget, on target.

Whether it is an office fit-out; new office blocks or warehousing; conservation and restoration work; multiple housing, supported living or student accommodation; retail or leisure developments; specialist healthcare or other premises, you want it fit for purpose.
In any commercial project environment, you will likely have your own client to satisfy and your own business to run. Your reputation can be destroyed by a poor choice of delivery partner; your financial viability ruined by an unforeseen or unplanned cost. The difference between success and nightmare can hang on the quality of communication and the commitment of the partners you work with.

A creative mind, an eye for detail, a safe pair of hands: these are the qualities that are embodied within our chartered status, and they will be present in every aspect of our work for you. You know when you have worked with Townscape. You have my word. And I deliver on my promises.